Home Renovation
Along with attic conversions and home extensions, complete home renovations are growing in popularity. Sometimes people just feel that their home has seen better days and needs a freshen-up with a new kitchen or fireplace and a good paint job. But sometimes they want a little more and knock walls or even build new walls. With all the programs on TV these days about house refurbishment and renovation, people are getting much more adventurous.

We have seen people who like the old days and want to turn the clock back in their own homes. They want rid of everything that would not have been in a 60’s or 70’s home. Other people want the latest and most advanced model or design in everything, bringing in computerized gadgets. Maybe you fall somewhere in between.

Either way, we can handle it. Call us today.

But, it doesn’t stop at the front door. Garden lighting and even landscape lighting is a growing trend these days and not just for Christmas. Lighting up the garden trees and fishpond can create quite an atmosphere. Certainly worth a try.

Some people renovate their homes every couple of years and some people only do it when it starts to fall apart around them. There is no set rule. If you feel like doing it, just call us and we’ll get it done quickly and quietly for you.


Home Remodeling Contractors

Home renovations and home remodeling are often done by the home owners themselves, but in most cases it is best left to the professionals. If you have a rundown property that needs serious work done or just home improvement and you need help Rockwood Maintenance can contribute where you do not feel you are able or we can do it all. You decide. Call us today.