Building Maintenance and Repair
Building Maintenance and Repair
Rockwood Maintenance Limited offers property maintenance services on a one off and on a contractual basis.

Building maintenance can include many different areas. When most people think of property maintenance, the first thing that comes to mind is the upkeep of and servicing of equipment and of building repair. Although these are both very important aspects of building upkeep, they are not the only jobs involved in looking after a building.

Making sure that the building is clean definitely falls under the category of property maintenance, but keeping the grounds of the property is nearly as important. Each part of the property from the building exterior to the lawn, the flowerbeds, the sprinklers, and even the parking space all come together to create an inviting atmosphere for your home or business.

Did you ever wish you could get your light bulbs changed, bathrooms cleaned, carpets vacuumed, lawn mowed, flower beds weeded, sprinklers repaired and windows washed exterior painted regularly and the minor and even not so minor repairs done all for an affordable price without the headache of having to find several companies to take care of it? If you live in Galway or anywhere in the West of Ireland, we can handle all of the above for you and more.

Rockwood Maintenance Limited will deal with the repairs, upkeep, cleaning, lawn mowing as well as whatever else you need us to do as per your contract. In fact, we can do any building you need and if you have already had a builder in, will even clean up for you. Not all builders leave the site as clean and tidy as they should. We will do the post construction clean-up.

Property Maintenance by Rockwood Maintenance Ltd

We are not just a handyman service. We can handle all aspects of maintaining your property. We can do some painting and light touch ups if you need it. Not only that, but we will be able to paint new lines to freshen up your parking spaces.

Why would you want to hire several different companies to do the same work that one efficient company can do?

We only employ experienced professionals to ensure that you get a quality job done every time.

What Rockwood Maintenance bring to every contract or job:

  • Value for money
  • A reliable, quality service
  • Quick Response
  • Flexibility
  • Invisibility (i.e. you will hardly know we are there)

Recurring maintenance contracts are a clear indication of the fact that our clients are satisfied with the work we do.